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Jehoash Hirshberg

Professor of Musicology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Research interests: The musical heritage of the Karaite Jews in Israel. History of the music of the Yishuv (1880-1948). Music in migrant and refugee societies. Origins of the early classical concerto. The music of the late fourteenth century in France. Currently engaged in the publication of an anthology of the liturgy of the Karaites in Israel and the United States.
Jehoash Hirshberg was born in 1938 in Tel Aviv. He is a graduate of the Israel Academy and Music (violin and composition) and received his PhD in musicology From the University of Pennsylvania in 1971. Since that time he has been a professor musicology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. research interests include social history of music in the Yeshuv in Palestine 1880-1948, and has published the monograph Paul Ben-Haim, His Life and Works (IMP, 1991) and the book Music in the Jewish Community of Palestine 1880-1948 (Oxfofd University Press, 1995), His etnomusicological research has focused on music in immigrant and refugee communities, particularly the musical heritage of the Karaite Jews from Cairo and the resettlement process of the Russian immigrant musicians in Israel 1989-93 (sponsored by the ! Jerusalem Institute), His historical mllsicological interests include 14th –century music in France and the origins of of the classical concerto.