Nigunim Laad
Jewish Tunes Forever



Evgenia Khazdan

Member of the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg, senior researcher at the Russian Institute of Art History. She was born in Yaroslavl. Graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory in composition and postgraduate studies at the Russian Institute of Art History. Research interests: traditional musical culture of the Jews of Eastern Europe, in particular, songs in Yiddish and Ashkenazi paralyturgical genres, Ashkenazi song folklore and especially the nigun, «song without words», the history of Jewish musical folklore in the USSR, Jewish themes in the works of Russian and Soviet composers ...

Graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory. N.A. Rimsky-Korsakova (theoretical and composing faculty), studied at the seminars "Yiddish and Yiddishkite" (Odessa, 1998), "Yiddish and Yiddish literature" (Vilnius 1999, 2000), Yiddish seminar in St. Petersburg (2001). In 1996, she organized it at the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg. the children's studio of Yiddish folklore "Nigun", which until 2001 was engaged in the study of songs and niguns, the Yiddish language, Jewish culture.

...We took as a basis the methodology of teaching the Jewish tradition through a song developed by L. Pecherskaya. Participated in the organization and holding of international seminars of Yiddish culture "KlezFest in St. Petersburg" (1996 - 2001), the International seminar for advanced training of teachers of Jewish schools (Moscow 2003). Organizer and leader of family seminars "KlezStetl" (2000 and 2001), International methodological seminar "KlezShul" (2002). Gives lectures on the topic "Jewish Musical Culture" for the general public at the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg, the Institute of Social Workers Joint, the educational center "ORT - St. Petersburg", Sokhnuta.

Evgenia received her Ph.D. thesis for the "Nigun as a phenomenon of traditional Jewish musical culture" (2008, Moscow Conservatory). Scientific adviser: Doctor of Art History Matsievsky I.V. She is a member of the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg. Organizer of the research seminar "Environments in RII". Editor of the journal "Vremennik Zubovsky Institute", scientific collections on ethnomusicology, sheet music. She took part in the organization of a number of educational programs, including the International seminar of traditional music of Eastern European Jews "Klezfest in St. Petersburg", methodological seminars "Art and Tradition".